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SELK Independent Lutheran Church of St. John

Where do you find us?
Our red brick church is in the center of Rodenberg, Lange Straße 84.

Who are we?
We are a Free Lutheran Church, all our work is financed by donations. The Bible, the word of God, is the true and only guideline for all we believe and do.
For us the Reformation, the renewal of the church by Martin Luther, is something very serious. We believe firmly in his teachings: "Only those who trust in Jesus, in God who became man, will be saved."

How do we live and what do we believe in?
We invite you to take part in our services on Sundays, come to our discussions, our Bible lessons, our children's and young people's get together, to our church choir, our trombone group, our mission festivals.

When do we worship?
Normally each and every Sunday at 10.00 A.M.